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Sitting inside a study room at the Five Corners Branch Library, Harris showed off a snippet of her collection to The Jersey Journal. Organized by category inside different color binders, the postcards show scenes from schools and storefronts, and even various phases of Kennedy Boulevard’s development. She keeps a detailed Excel spreadsheet of every card in her collection. click to read more“If I had started at 18, and not 37, I would have a lot more,” she said. As a former Jersey City teacher, Harris said one of her favorite types of postcards to collect are images of the city’s schools. Her particular favorite in her collection is a postcard of a group of children standing outside School 11 during a Dutch festival. Harris decided to change careers after battling a serious illness, choosing to go back to school to pursue a library degree. She was later hired to work for the Jersey City library, a position she described as her “dream job.” The oldest postcard in her collection dates back to 1903, before it was legal to write on the back of the piece of mail. Before 1907, messages on postcards could only be displayed in a small box on the front. Her collection while having not been publicly displayed was featured in “Changing Jersey City: a History in Photographs,” a book she penned with Leon Yost. Harris’ passion goes well beyond just collecting postcards she also researches the history behind each card, including the names of the people to whom they’re addressed.

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You’ve read the many resumes and interview tips from respected sources available for free on-line, and scoured on-line job boards and newspaper classifieds. The best companies to work for tend to rely heavily on employee referrals. Many structured interviews, particularly those at large companies, start with a question like “Tell me about yourself.” Realize that you may have to work your way up. Although research on the industry, flood recruiters medical device with your resume. Networking means staying in touch with people you know, and meeting new people. Increase the percentage and the number of nurses trained to enter the United States. Thanks! Keep Rolling: How to Stay Motivated During Job Search Often, making progress in a job search feels like running through wet cement, particularly in a long job search. Be prepared for tough questions like “What are your wage expectations?”

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email Everything is so costly. One aspect of Alaska most are aware of concerns the white nights of summer and near 24-hour darkness in winter, and Sparks said its a major adjustment. In winter, the sun is out only from 10 or 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., and in summer, theres only a few hours of darkness. The near-constant light is tough on a teacher, because kids dont want to go to bed, she said. With kids who already dont want to be there, them being tired on top of it becomes a tremendous struggle for attention. Indeed, since most students will never leave that town, and there are very few opportunities there, many students have a Why do I need a diploma? attitude, Sparks said. Truancy is rampant, with numerous students showing up only once every 10 days–you only get dropped after missing 10 consecutive days. Often, students are reading several levels below their actual grade, the teen pregnancy rate is startling high, marijuana is popular, and domestic violence is unfortunately prevalent. As someone who cant help but grow close to her students, it can be very discouraging. You can only see your students get beat on so much, Sparks said. Some of them are so smart, its so sad. Knowing what she does now, Sparks said she would still teach in Alaska, but she would not have stayed the third year. The last year was rough, but I didnt want to leave my kids–you get attached. Page 3 of 4 – Through it all, she at least had her trusty chocolate lab, Mia, who came into her care following her freshman year of college. Mia made the trip from Oregon to Alaska, and shes also come to St.

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